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The committee on Palestine of the Jordanian Parliament visits the Palestinian Council

The Jordanian Parliamentary Delegation: “ We are proud of the strong bilateral Parliamentary relations and the solid ties between Jordan and Palestine ……

The committee on Palestine of the Jordanian Parliament led by Yahia Al Soud visits the Palestinian Legislative Council to bolster reconciliation efforts between the Palestinian factions. The delegation was received by Qais Abdul Karim, Siham Thabet, Najat al-Astal, Jamal AbuLrob, Nabil Sha’t,Jamal Howail, and the secretary general of the legislative council Ibrahim Khrishe....

“ we are looking forward to achieve unity between the Palestinian factions, Our visit aims to confirm and promote bilateral relations on parliamentary domain , and to enhance ways of cooperation on parliamentary level” Al Soud said.

At the delegation request, the MP Sha’t briefed the delegation on the recent development on the reconciliation process, he said: “The reconciliation process is a strategic priority for Palestinian people, it is an important step toward creating the suitable atmosphere for the international recognition of Palestine. Furthermore, achieving reconciliation will help in resisting the occupation and its illegal policies and practices in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; settlement, blockade of Gaza, demolish buildings, discrimination, killing and arresting people on daily basis..

Sha’t Shed light on the factors affecting to push reconciliation process forward mentioning the regional and International changes which create a positive atmosphere to push the wheel of reconciliation forward. He added :“the following step will be holding the general elections, but the major point is providing the protection tools needed to put a stop to the continuous practices of occupation specially confiscating lands and natural resources in the midst of implementing what has agreed upon between Palestinian factions”.

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