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A Growing Concern Among Members of the Finnish Parliament in Regard to Palestinian Prisoners in Israeli Jails………………………………………………

The Finnish Parliament Network on Human Rights expresses the concern among members with regard to the situation of the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli Jails. Based on that, they addressed the Knesset in a formal letter to express the concern over the situation of prisoners.

In their letter, the members criticize the administrative detention that Israel has issued against Palestinian prisoners for periods sometimes up to six months, without charge or trial, on secret evidence which is inaccessible. Further; the letter highlights the fact that Israel is committed to respecting Human Rights as long as Israel has ratified the core United Nations human rights convention.

The members also suggested holding an open dialogue for protection and promotion of Human Rights which was the essence of the letter.

Additionally, the letter indicates the request for further information on administrative detention policy and the extent that Israel abides by International Human Rights in regard to the situation of Palestinian prisoners.

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