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Khrishi: "Termination of the Division is the shortest way to end the occupation..

The Secretary General of the legislative council Ibrahim Khrishi said during the reception for the Labor Party of the Australian parliamentary delegation: “Termination of the Division is the shortest way to end the occupation, and the shortest way to end the division is forming a national unity government, and holding the general elections”.

He pointed out that all Palestinians should work seriously to end the division, and to take responsibility in order to achieve the national, political, legal and institutional unity.

He added: “The mechanism and the procedures that are recently followed to put an end to the division are ineffective, moving slowly and not commensurate with the necessary national interest, especially 10 years after the division”.

Khrishi also mentioned that the division left tremendous impacts on the lives of people, and caused extensive damage to the Palestinian cause. Furthermore; he remarked that the division encouraged the Israeli government to expand existing settlements and to build new spots.

The Secretary General shed light on the Israeli policies and violations to the International law and human rights law especially the aggression on Gaza Strip by running two wars and imposing the durable blockade. Khrishi also referred to the Israeli “Judaisation” policies in the old city of Jerusalem.

He stated that it is important to accelerate the necessary measures of reconciliation, put an end to the division in order to achieve unity, saying :” Unity is the key for ending the occupation, settlement, and aggressive project. It's the way to put an end to the suffering of our people, especially in Gaza Strip.

Finally, Khrishi expressed gratitude and appreciation for the Egyptian and Arab effort to end the division. He also confirmed the importance of the continued efforts, and success of reconciliation steps.

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