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In 1967 Israel imposed a military occupation on East Jerusalem and the rest of West Bank and Gaza Strip. Since 1967, the Israeli government pursued systematically interrelated policies aimed at changing the demographic situation in East Jerusalem, by increasing the number of Israeli Jews and establishing Israeli settlements. It also forced Palestinians in East Jerusalem to obtain residence cards to be able to live in their city. As a result, Palestinian residents of Jerusalem run the risk of losing residency rights if they have studied or worked abroad, besides the risk of losing their homes as a result of restrictions imposed by the occupation on buildings such as implementing the policy of demolishing the houses claiming that there is no licenses.

The Palestinian Attitude Regarding Jerusalem:

Jerusalem is an integral part of the occupied territories in 1967, and it is the capital of the Palestinian state, furthermore Israel has no right in any part of East Jerusalem. It is the part of the land where original Palestinian citizens will practice sovereignty at the event of an Israeli withdrawal. In accordance with international law and as stipulated in the Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements, Jerusalem (and not just East Jerusalem) will be subject to the negotiations of permanent status.

Jerusalem will be an open city without natural division. Palestine also is committed to ensure access to religious sites within Jerusalem. The two countries will take all possible measures to protect these places and maintain their dignity.

Following the war 1967, Jerusalem went under a number of steps by the Israeli forces to alter the legal and factual status of the city. U.N issued a number of resolutions which reject and condemn all legislative and administrative measures and actions taken by Israel to alter the status of Jerusalem, besides those resolutions that have been passed by the Security Council.

Israel always ignores international law given the absence of enforcement device, so it keeps on violating laws and international resolutions regardless of international community rejection to its acts and repressive measures. However, Jerusalem is considered the key factor for any future peaceful solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and Jerusalem status will remain a central issue for any final settlement

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