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Based on recommendations presented by the standing and ad-hoc committees, the first council issued about (1006) decisions during the period from 1996-2006,as well as 62 decisions since the date of inauguration(February,2006) till the end of the first ordinary and extraordinary sessions.

The Council’s decisions are issued by absolute majority, in case of a tie between two or more candidates; a second round takes place for once. In case of a tie between two or more candidates in the second round, the winner is the candidate that the chairperson voted for. During the voting process, the members have the right to refuse or accept casting their votes; also the abstaining member has the right to set forth the reasons after taking approval and before declaring the final result.

The speaker of the council announces the council’s decision in accordance with the final result. Actually, it is not permissible to open a debate about any discussed issue, unless the absolute majority decides otherwise, or in cases stipulated by ordinances or law, taking into account that the council’s decisions are binding for the target group meant by the decision.

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