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Israel does not abide by the standards and norms prescribed by international humanitarian law, human rights law, and the minimum standard rules for the treatment of Detainees.

In recent times there has been a serious deterioration of the living conditions and life of the Detainees. This is exemplified in mistreating prisoners, depriving them from the right to family visits or imposing great restrictions on this right, in addition to the prohibition of physical contact between prisoners and their families during family visits.

The detainees are calling for an end to several issues; the reduction of the hours that allow the prisoners to go out to the corridors of prison, the prohibition of visits among the Detainees themselves, the imposition of the confinement in isolation increasingly, and the restrictions imposed by the Israeli prisons authorities on using means of communications and goods from outside the prisons and detention centers. In addition, the prisoners in Israeli jails are suffering from the administrative detention that is implemented in Israeli jails without indictment or trial, which violates the international law principles.

For all the aforementioned conditions, the Palestinian detainees started a hunger strike on April 17, 2017. As long as the strike is on, a general strike held in solidarity with hunger striking prisoners, calling for “a day of rage” several times.

Israel prison service neglected the prisoners’ humanitarian demands, the strike continued for days and days and the prison service evacuated many prisoners to hospitals.

So substantial and meaningful improvements should be made to the living conditions experienced by these political prisoners in the Israeli jails, in addition to the release of all Palestinian political detainees and Arabs who are still behind bars in Israeli jails.

It is also urgent to address the humanitarian issues related to all detainees, and to stop the detention of the remains of the martyrs preventing their families from burying them in a manner that preserves their dignity, and to return the remains of the martyrs to their families.

The attached video clarifies the issue of detainees in Israeli jails and their demands:

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